Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Started

I am still having trouble getting my blog started, but with a little help from good friends I think I am on my way.  I hope to start posting pictures and videos soon.

On another subject, I just bought the Cricut Cake today!  I adore working with fondant and gum paste and hope to add to the fun with the CC.  I have read all of the reviews good and bad (more bad than good it seems) and I am ready to start creating.  I hope to make a video and post it to my blog as soon as I get it!

Happy creating for now... by the way if you have been thinking about buying the Cricut Cake, you can now get them for a great price.  I paid $79.95 with free shipping from Amazon Prime.  Great deal!

Friday, November 4, 2011

First Post

Hello everyone!  I have decided to join the blog universe.  I am new to this and very unsure of what to do next.  The only I know is that I love crafting, scrap booking, card making and all things creative.  I am excited to share my projects with you!  I am going to try to get this started, I might make a few mistakes a long the way... I apologize in advance.  OK, lets go...