Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First Cricut Holiday Cakes

I finally received my Cricut Cake  and after tearing into the box I started cutting fondant!  I learned very quickly that this is not like cutting paper... having said that if you prepare and take your time the results are amazing.  I made 4 cakes with very little effort or stress!  These holiday cakes are my first attempt with the CC.  Next I will attempt sugar cookies for a PTA event that I host  each year.  

 I did learn a few things that I think will be helpful if you are having trouble cutting Fondant with your machine.   I used store both fondant from Wilton ( I think homemade marshmallow fondant is too soft) and you need to freeze the fondant for about 10 minutes once you roll it onto the CC mat.  I Rolled my fondant directly onto the mat covered with crisco.  I had no trouble removing it after cutting.  If I felt that the fondant was too soft after cutting I put it in the freezer for a few minutes before removing the cut pieces.  It is also helpful to have mor than one CC mat so that you have one ready to cut while you are freezing another.

I enjoyed making these cakes very much.  The possibilities are endless with this machine.  I will post more photos as I bake more...  Happy Holidays!


  1. Love these cakes! and I love the Cricut Cake too. Thinking about using it for my Christmas cookies, but love those cakes!!!